Bill Gibson is available for arbitration in personal injury cases, insurance disputes, business disputes and real estate disputes.  He has handled thousands of cases since beginning his arbitration practice in the early 1990s.

Bill is a member of the Multnomah County (Portland, OR) Circuit Court Arbitration Commission. Call 503-454-0155 today to make an appointment

What is Arbitration

An ADR method with one or more persons hearing a dispute and rendering a binding decision.  An agreement to arbitrate disputes can be made before or after a specific dispute arises.  Since the parties can agree to the rules of arbitration (e.g., selecting qualified arbitrators with knowledge of the issues), they can save costs as compared to litigation.

Benefits of Arbitration

Promoted as a way to resolve disputes efficiently, proponents of arbitration commonly point to a number of advantages it offers over litigation, court hearings, and trials.

  • Avoids hostility.
  • Usually cheaper than litigation.
  • Faster than litigation
  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Fairness
  • Finality
  • Confidential: